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Best Residential Solar Panels

Rising electricity bills are the biggest concern for every household worldwide, and the best solution to reduce the energy bill is Solar Panels. Indians are now aware of the benefits of solar energy and how solar can help them to have 24×7 power and to save on electricity bills. based on the budget and electrical load that one wishes to run on solar, you can choose from On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar power solutions.

Solar panels for homes boost the use of clean, solar energy. The installation of solar panels in your home can help fight greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the usage of fossil fuels, mainly as electricity.

For any owner of a residential property, residential solar panels are the best option for a resourceful power supply because they are one of the most effective, affordable, and abundant renewable energy sources in the world.


Solar energy

Residential Plan

Raija solar provides the best solar panel installation service for home in Karnataka. We offer:



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How Do Residential Plans Work?

A solar rooftop panel works by converting solar energy into electricity for a variety of electrical needs and applications using built-in solar cells (photovoltaic cells). Small, square-shaped semiconductors, often formed of silicon and other conducting materials, make up solar panels. Solar rooftop panels contain solar cells, which when exposed to sunlight undergo a chemical reaction that releases electrons. These electrons produce DC currents, which are electric currents. There are three different kinds of photovoltaic cells: amorphous silicon cells, polycrystalline cells, and single-crystal cells.

How Much Does Rooftop Solar Panel For Home Cost?


Typically, residential solar panels are up to 10kW. Installing a 1 kW rooftop solar panel system for home typically costs between 45,000 and 85,000 INR. The price of various styles and sizes of residential solar roofing is determined by several factors and elements like delivery location, state laws, installation specifications, climate conditions, installation accessories (if necessary), and other associated factors that can easily affect residential solar energy pricing. The cost of installing solar panels on a residential property can therefore vary depending on these variables. To know more about solar panels for home and Raija’s residential solar plans, dial +91 8904903313 to reach us.

Benefits Of Raija's Solar Panels For Home

Cost-Effective: Raija’s residential solar rooftop panels are the cost-effective solutions to all your high power bill concerns. India’s solar panel roof tariffs are 25% and 17% less expensive than industrial charges, respectively.


Energy Efficient: Solar panels for home installed on residential roofs are the most energy-efficient option available. You don’t have to worry about paying a lot for high electricity bills because residential solar rooftops entirely rely on solar energy to produce electricity for your home.


Own power sources: Solar rooftop panels don’t experience frequent power outages like electricity from the power grid does. You don’t need to be concerned about your solar panels in your home being overworked because the energy generated is solely used by your family.


Low Maintenance Cost: The lifespan of Raija’s solar panels for house is more than 25 years. Residential solar rooftops can operate longer than expected if they are properly maintained. To maintain your house solar panels, you don’t need specialised tools or chemical-based cleaning agents.


Secure investment: One of the safest investments for Indian homeowners is a residential rooftop solar panel system. You can simply estimate the cost of producing electricity for 10 years or more ahead with rooftop solar panels for home.