Off Grid Solar System

Off Grid Solar System

Converting sunshine into revenue and a greener planet

India enjoys over 300 days of sunny days every year. Energy from the sun can potentially solve India’s perennial power crisis for all time to come, because the sun’s energy will never get exhausted. Solar energy is pure, renewable and inexhaustible.

With solar power you can enjoy self-reliance by producing your own power, while also saving on huge electric bills.

Solar power is ‘environment friendly’ – it protects the environment by reducing reducing pollution, thus lowering your carbon footprint and advancing local and national energy independence and security.

Minimal maintenance, helps you take advantage of the reliable technology with PV modules typically backed by 25 year power-output guarantee.

Raija Solar offers complete energy solution , through the supply of photovoltaic systems anywhere in India. Raija Solar’s high-performance solar power systems can supply reliable, environment-friendly energy under the most diverse geographic and climatic conditions.

Raija Solar brings you custom-made systems to create completely self-sufficient power supply. Once installed, this system will power all electrical appliances and applications through solar energy...

It offers lot of benefit economically and also help you comply with Government norm reducing the global carbon footprint.

The Advantages of Off Grid Solar Power Systems for Homes and other requirements

There are several benefits that you can get from having off-grid solar power systems for homes at any given day, especially since these products can help you stand out from the rest when power is out.

The off-grid solar system design enables one to convert light from the sun into a complete and usable energy for houses so that you can start having a clean supply of energy running around your home.

  • It can minimize carbon footprint, just like any other renewable energy sources (like wind turbines, geothermal power sources, and many others).
  • This system can help you save on electricity costs.
  • The off-grid solar system design can act as a storage for energy (like batteries) to be later used as a backup power for houses.

Off Grid Solar System


REG 300 300 W
1200 W/h
4 hours Module – 3*100wp
Battery - 2*75Ah
Inverter- 1Kw
REG 600 600W
2400 W/h
4 hours Module – 2*300WP
Battery -2*100Ah
Inverter- 1kw
REG 900 900 W
4 hours Module – 3*300wp
Battery- 2*200Ah
Inverter- 1.2kw
REG 1200 1200 W
4800 W/h
4 hours Module – 6*250wp
Battery - 4*150Ah
Inverter- 2kw
REG 1800 1800 W
7200 W/h
4 hours Module – 9*250wp
Battery -4*150Ah
Inverter- 3Kw
REG 2500 2500W
4 hours Module – 9* 300wp
Battery -4*200Ah
Inverter- 3kw
REG 3000 3000W
12000 W/h
4 hours Module – 12*300wp
Battery- 6*150Ah
Inverter- 4kw
REG 4000 4000W
4 hours Module – 20*250wp
Battery- 6*150Ah
Inverter- 5kw
Note: GST Exclusive
  • Suitable for independent operations.
  • Power backup at the time of grid failure.
  • No grid supply is required.
  • Suitable for smaller loads.
  • Suitable for rural areas where grid failure is common.
  • Reduces monthly electricity bill.


  • IEC certified modules with 25 years warranty
  • High fill factor modules with improved energy efficiency for faster battery charging
  • Hot dip galvanized iron structure for corrosion resistance